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skylights Skylights can be a great feature integrated into a home. Not only are you given a completely different view of the outside, but you are able to let in more natural light. This is the part where the skylight is able to pay for itself because allowing natural light into the home means using fewer lights during the day. Fewer lights being turned on translates into less electricity use, which saves you money on your electric bill.

If you are ready to have quality skylights installed in your home, BAC Construction Services, LLC can install the skylight you want. We have installed and repaired skylights for homeowners in Minnesota and Wisconsin, providing another lighting source that, in a way, brings the outside to the inside.

We Ensure The Integrity Of Your Skylights

If you already have skylights installed on your home, we can ensure the integrity of those skylights by repairing them when they are in need of repair. Skylights can be great additions to the home, but there are times when they develop leaks and need to be immediately fixed. Because skylights are a part of roofing, they go through the same abuses. Having your skylight inspected with your roof after a storm and as a part of your regular roof inspection can also prevent expensive issues.

Of the repairs that we do on skylights are flashing repairs. Sometimes this repair can be under the roofing, so we will need to access that area. When we do, we ensure that everything is re-installed as it is supposed to be so that your roof and skylights perform properly.

Certified Skylight Installation Specialists

As certified Velux Skylights installers, we are certified to sell and service Velux skylights. This means that we can offer you a wide range of Velux skylights that go with your style, architecture of your home, and other specifications that you may have.

Velux manufactures a wide range of skylight types, such as the Solar Powered “Fresh Air” Skylights. The solar panel operates a control system that allows you to electronically open and close the skylight. There is no need for electrical wiring, although Velux does have electrical systems that do require wiring. If you want to completely avoid electric, then there are manual skylights to choose from, but you don’t have to open them at all and opt for a fixed skylight. What you choose is entirely up to you and our skylight installation specialists are committed to producing an excellent result.

Contact A Minneapolis Home Remodeler

At BAC Construction Services, LLC, we specialize in all things exterior, making us a well-known exterior remodeling company throughout the Twin Cities. Since 1994, we have helped our customers with everything from roofing and siding to skylight installation, replacement, and flashing repairs. If you want to have a new skylight installed, need your existing one replaced, or you need your flashing around your skylights repaired, call us today at 612-721-5500 to request a free estimate.